Hacked off flack says ‘how brands fail on twitter’

Excellent points from Hacked Off Flack about the mistakes made on Twitter. Please click here for the full link http://bit.ly/SWNKyu

“Twitter is not difficult. Personally I think it is a very good transparent test of whether people have any common sense. In the main, the mistakes people and brands make on Twitter are errors that my ten year old could have foreseen. And no, he’s not top of the class …

Here are some Twitter mistakes that make me laugh:

1. Brands that start conversations that can easily be hijacked. Waitrose made this classic mistake a few weeks back with its “I shop at Waitrose because …”. Apparently they were then suprised when someone Tweeted “I shop at Waitrose because… I don’t like being surrounded by poor people.”

2. Celebrities who forget that Twitter isn’t a private conversation. Don’t they have any shame? Melanie Sykes, I’m talking to you!

3. Employees who let rip. If you don’t like your job – leave! It’s very simple. Or if you think you really are that amazing – start up your own firm.

4. Brand owners who are rude about their customers. Ryanair aside, this is never a great move.

5. Brands who try to benefit from bad news. Such as when KFC Thailand tried to encourage people to order more KFC after the earthquake in Indonesia last April. This one just beggars belief.

6. Brands who fail to claim profiles. I can see how this happens but it was quite funny a few months back when NatWest had its “computer glitch” and Twitter users were Tweeting teacher Natalie Westerman (@natwest), instead of the actual official account @natwest_help.”

Source: Hacked Off Flack http://bit.ly/SWNKyu