Our experience

Sarah Miles is the founder of Blaze PR Limited and has more than 25 years’ experience of developing public relations campaigns for organisations both large and small, within the public and private sector, in the UK, Continental Europe and the USA.

During her career with leading PR agencies, she has delivered national public relations campaigns for organisations including Associated British Ports, Broadbandchoices, Denplan, Dixons, Environment Agency, Federation Against Software Theft, Forrester Research, Logitech, Mirago, Roke Manor Research, SunGard, Thorn, Toshiba, UK Transplant, WinScribe and WRAP.

Before launching Hampshire-based Blaze PR, Sarah was a board director at a top twenty PR agency, latterly running its small business sector team.

Sarah is an expert at taking complex subjects and technologies, and formulating PR strategies that bring those subjects to life with the media.  Maximising her clients’ return on investment through quality media coverage has always been Sarah’s sweet spot. She is also a perfectionist when it comes to establishing strong relationships and processes that deliver excellent results and exceed expectations.

Likes: cats (not a mad cat lady), chocolate, gin, food in general, laughter, fresh air, sunshine, summer and shoes.

Dislikes: feet, football, grime, jargon, liver, peas, misuse of apostrophes, rude people and selfishness.