Facebook facts

A recent PR Week/OnePoll has found that a significant proportion of Facebook members have doubts over privacy and the security of their data.

While 49 per cent of respondents believe that Facebook has a healthy reputation, 46 per cent said that they did not trust the site to do the right thing by its members when it came to their privacy. The survey also revealed that half of those polled did not think that their data was secure on Facebook.

The results also showed that women spend more time on the site and visit it more frequently. Women also engage with brands more on Facebook – 59 per cent had ‘liked’ a brand or joined its group, compared with 47 per cent of men.

The research has many other interesting facts and figures in terms of gender and regional break down. While Facebook is most definitely here to stay, the research certainly throws up some interesting aspects that will have an impact on how people interact with Facebook and the implications for those using it, and other social media channels, as a public relations tool http://bit.ly/MnDDiS

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