Don’t shout, have a social media conversation

Many companies which think they ‘do’ social media well, actually don’t. They often view social media as a channel to push out news about themselves, without delivering any real value to their followers. Then they wonder why they don’t get any interaction in the form of retweets, comments, and likes etc.

For me, social media is just like trying to speak to someone – if you shout at them, they will try and get away from you as quickly as possible. Just pushing out news about your company is ‘social media shouting’.

Of course, not every business can afford to have dedicated digital managers, but even small companies can give their followers some real value. For example, rather than sharing your news all the time on LinkedIn, share someone else’s news. If there’s a piece of research or blog, which is relevant to your sector and therefore likely to be of interest to your followers, share that.

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