Don’t panic Mr Mainwaring

Just back from Sunny Spain, which is why I haven’t blogged for a while – I didn’t want sand in my laptop!

Now that the batteries are re-charged, I have just picked up last week’s PR Week. An interesting article about 78 per cent of FTSE100 firms’ websites not having basic social media functions such as blogs and RSS feeds.

While this article has a financial PR bias, it makes for an interesting read. If 78 per cent of the ‘big boys’ can’t get it right, then there is still hope (and time) for smaller businesses! However, as with any other communications channel, I think it’s wise not just to rush in because you have to be seen to be doing something with social media.

Ensure what you are doing online supports the entire business strategy, don’t just bolt-on some random social media activity to keep up with the Joneses.

Don’t panic Mr Mainwaring, but do start to think about how this huge new communications channel can be best exploited to benefit your own business’s specific needs.

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